How global warming is drying up the North American monsoon

Researchers have struggled to accurately model the changes to the abundant summer rains that sweep across the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico, known to scientists as the "North American monsoon."

A singular storm in Houston; a recurring nightmare in Mumbai

Two massive, rain-soaked cities on opposite sides of the world are struggling with swirling, brackish waters that have brought death and devastation. For Houston, it's unprecedented. For Mumbai, it's painfully common.

An insider's perspective on the science behind wildfires

As climate change continues to have an impact on the ecology of landscapes across the world, wildfires in Arizona have become more frequent and more intense over time. As monsoon rains finally extinguished the 27,000-acre ...

Monsoon storms fewer but more extreme

Monsoon season now brings more extreme wind and rain to central and southwestern Arizona than in the past, according to new research led by the University of Arizona.

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