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Study shows promise of gene therapy for alcohol use disorder

A form of gene therapy currently used to treat Parkinson's disease may dramatically reduce alcohol use among chronic heavy drinkers, researchers at Oregon Health & Science University and institutions across the country have ...

Rising monkey and pig populations pose human disease risk

Exploding populations of wild pigs and macaque monkeys in Southeast Asia are threatening native forests and disease outbreaks in livestock and people, according to research led by The University of Queensland published in ...

Repentant ranchers rescuing Colombian wildlife

Two newborn pumas and a convalescing porcupine share a room in the home of the Zapata family, which has renounced livestock farming to focus on stewardship of the Colombian Amazon and its animals uprooted by deforestation.

Unexpected wins in both humans and monkeys increase risk taking

How do humans make decisions when the outcomes are uncertain? One possible way would be to calculate the expected value of each option by multiplying each possible outcome amount by its probability and then choosing the option ...

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