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NASA's GUSTO prepares to map space between the stars

On a vast ice sheet in Antarctica, scientists and engineers are preparing a NASA experiment called GUSTO to explore the universe on a balloon. GUSTO will launch from the Ross Ice Shelf, near the U.S. National Science Foundation's ...

Could life exist in molecular clouds?

Our search for life beyond Earth is still in its infancy. We're focused on Mars and, to a lesser extent, ocean moons like Jupiter's Europa and Saturn's Enceladus. Should we extend our search to cover more unlikely places ...

Astronomers discover infant 'escaping star'

Stars escape from their birth place and eventually become dispersed across the galaxy. This is an important process in galactic evolution. Theoretical studies suggest two possible reasons why stars escape. First, stars may ...

Protostars can siphon material from far away, says study

When stars are born, they do it inside a molecular cloud. Astronomers long assumed that the "crèche" supplied all the nutrients that protostars needed to form. However, it turns out they get help from outside the nest.

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