NASA, ESA discuss sending first European to moon

The European Space Agency and NASA on Wednesday talked up the prospect of putting the first European on the moon, as they signed a deal strengthening collaboration for future lunar exploration.

Euclid gains solar power and protection

Spacecraft are not so different to humans—while the sun can be a great source of vital energy, both people and machines must also be protected from its harmful effects.

China sending up next space station crew in June

China will launch three more astronauts to its newest space station in June after the latest crew returned this weekend following a six-month stay in orbit, an official said Sunday.

Artemis: Crawling toward launch

One of the many milestones in the leadup to the launch of Artemis is its rollout: this is when a crawler will carry the SLS rocket with Orion and ESM from the Vehicle Assembly Building to launchpad 39B.

Image: Getting I-HAB ready for lunar orbit

ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst visited Thales Alenia Space in Turin recently to test out and provide feedback on accommodations for the next human outpost in space, the lunar Gateway.

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