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iPhone porn goes 3D

IPhone lovers can use their hot devices to view steamy adult videos in 3D.

New 3-D transistors promising future chips, lighter laptops

( -- Researchers from Purdue and Harvard universities have created a new type of transistor made from a material that could replace silicon and have a 3-D structure instead of conventional flat computer chips.

Quantum tunneling results in record transistor performance

( -- Controlling power consumption in mobile devices and large scale data centers is a pressing concern for the computer chip industry. Researchers from Penn State and epitaxial wafer maker IQE have created a ...

Samsung announces 5G data breakthrough

Samsung Electronics said Monday it had successfully tested super-fast fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology that would eventually allow users to download an entire movie in one second.

GM Unveils Electric Networked-Vehicle (EN-V) Concept (w/ Video)

By 2030, urban areas will be home to more than 60 percent of the world's 8 billion people. This will put tremendous pressure on a public infrastructure that is already struggling to meet the growing demand for transportation ...

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