The fear making Chinese women reluctant to have more children

I was waiting in a fashionable café for Tang Xiaohe (Names have been changed to protect anonymity) in the Dongzhimen district in Beijing. Every bit of the décor in the café signalled the prosperity of China's capital city. ...

Dipping into the cultural barriers to 'social' media

For the past two years, and with support from the UPLOAD project, Dr Koen Leurs has been interviewing young Londoners to generate data about how the social media generation deals with cultural differences.

Can the emerging middle class make Coca-Cola lose its fizz?

The emergence of a "new middle class" is an important economic phenomenon in many emerging markets, with prominent examples being Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and Turkey. In this process, a substantial mass of low-income ...

Dollars and sense: Why are some people morally against tax?

As the U.S. presidential election campaigns heat up, the economic debate is dominated by bailouts, austerity and, inevitably, taxation. Now a new study published in Symbolic Interaction asks why tax is such an important issue ...

Ha Long heli: Vietnam launches chopper rides in famous bay

Most visitors to Vietnam's famed Ha Long Bay opt for cruise views of the UNESCO heritage site but from Friday tourists can hop on a helicopter to see the area's famous karst rock formations from the skies.

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