Molecular microscopy illuminates molecular motor motion

A toddler running sometimes loses footing because both feet come off the ground at the same time. Kinesin motors that move materials around in cells have the same problem, which limits how fast they can traverse a microtubule ...

Molecular 'samurai sword' controls plant growth

Researchers from AMOLF and Wageningen University & Research have used a smart simulation program to study a plant protein called katanin and published their findings in the journal PNAS.

Inventing a new kind of matter

Imagine a liquid that could move on its own. No need for human effort or the pull of gravity. You could put it in a container flat on a table, not touch it in any way, and it would still flow.

Researchers develop label-free technique to image microtubules

Imaging very small materials takes not only great skill on the part of the microscopist, but also great instruments and techniques. For a refined microscopic look at biological materials, the challenges include getting an ...

Scientists model a crucial component of cell division

During the process of cell division, chromosomes must be distributed equally between the two emerging daughter cells. One copy of each chromosome is created and remains glued to the original until threads, called microtubules, ...

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