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What stinks? The role of hydrogen sulfide in the gut

Whoever smelt it dealt it … especially if what's been dealt smells like rotten eggs. The culprit behind that eggy stink is hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a colorless, pungent gas produced by both mammalian and bacterial cells ...

Study shows maternal microbiota can affect fetal development

In a Finnish study, significant differences in the gene activity of the fetal intestine, brain and placenta were identified, depending on the microbes in the mother's body and the compounds produced by them. The findings ...

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Microbiota is a monotypic] genus of evergreen coniferous shrub in the cypress family Cupressaceae, containing only one species, Microbiota decussata. The plant is native and endemic to a limited area of the Sikhote-Alin mountains in Primorsky Krai - in the Russian Far East region of Western Siberia in Northeast Asia.

Microbiota decussata has never acquired a vernacular or common name in English, though Siberian Cypress and Russian Arborvitae have been proposed.

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