Image: Autumn in Japan

This image, from the Copernicus Sentinel-3 mission on 1 November 2023, captures the colors of autumn over the Japanese archipelago.

Machine learning highlights ways to improve flood mitigation

Flooding in the United States costs communities more than $32 billion each year. As climate change drives increasingly severe and erratic storm events, experts project that figure to rise in coming years: Forecasts estimate ...

The dark side of the American lawn

The American residential lawn is, for many, an iconic landscape and about half of homeowners in the U.S. use fertilizer to keep their yards green and lush. Some proportion of the nitrogen in this fertilizer enters the broader ...

Study pinpoints which areas of New York City are sinking, rising

Parts of the New York City metropolitan area are sinking and rising at different rates due to factors ranging from land-use practices to long-lost glaciers, scientists have found. While the elevation changes seem small—fractions ...

Scientists rediscover small Brazil tree, 185 years on

A species of small holly tree that was last seen nearly two centuries ago and was feared extinct has been rediscovered pluckily clinging to life in an urban area in northeastern Brazil, scientists said Tuesday.

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