Forecasts show growing El Niño event

Forecasts assembled by the EU's Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) implemented by ECMWF predict a growing El Niño event this year.

Study finds sulfate pollution impacts Texas gulf coast air

Sitting on the beach, taking in the breeze, you might think the sea air is better for you than its inland equivalent. But researchers at the University of Houston have found that the air along the Gulf of Mexico coast in ...

Factors in the severity of heat stroke in China

Heat waves are predicted to be more frequent, intense, and longer lasting as the climate warms. This year, for example, India, Europe, and the United States all have experienced record-breaking heat. Not only do heat-related ...

Europe braces for blistering June weekend heat

France, Spain and other western European nations braced on Saturday for a sweltering June weekend that is set to break records and sparked concern about forest fires and the effects of climate change.

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