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How can we encourage responsible financial behavior?

Ph.D. candidate Shekinah Dare researched which psychological factors contribute to responsible financial behavior and well-being. She wants to use this knowledge to develop interventions to encourage people to manage their ...

When parenting style predicts political leanings

Parenting style—helicopter parenting (disciplinarian) versus free-range explorer (nurturing)—may be a key to the country's political future. A new study out of Carnegie Mellon University has found a person's parenting ...

Have girls been left behind during the pandemic?

A new study by universities including City, University of London shows that girls' mental health was affected more than boys by the COVID-19 pandemic and the wave of associated school and childcare closures.

Nearly one-third of adolescents do not feel safe at school

A large international study found that on average 31.4% of adolescents reported feeling unsafe at school in 13 European and Asian countries. The result revealed inequality in securing a safe educational environment for students ...

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