Teachers around the globe feel undervalued, researchers find

A significant number of teachers across 28 high-income countries feel undervalued in their respective societies, which consequently impacts their level of job satisfaction and how they engage in their work, according to a ...

G20 per capita coal emissions growing: research

G20 per capita coal emissions continue to rise despite climate pledges and transition efforts by some members of the group of major economies, new research showed Tuesday.

EU consumers 'export' environment damage to Eastern neighbors

European Union (EU) consumers are "exporting" negative environmental impacts to their Eastern European neighbors, while keeping the bulk of economic benefits linked to consuming goods and services, a new study reveals.

Could Iceland feed Europe?

According to a new study led by Dr. Asaf Tzachor at Reichman University's School of Sustainability, the small country of Iceland can play a pivotal role in European food security, providing over 40 million Europeans with ...

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