Firms time announcements of data breaches to bury the bad news

New research in the INFORMS journal Management Science finds that firms that have experienced data breaches intentionally stage the timing of such announcements around other significant breaking news as a means of reducing ...

A good media reputation can save your job: Study

In a democratic system, the media plays a significant role in molding political and administrative organizations. The decisions of legislative bodies, politicians, bureaucrats, and other stakeholders can be significantly ...

Asking for ideas boosts collective action

Members of minority groups can boost collective action by seeking the ideas and perspectives of fellow group members, new research shows.

Authors use they/them pronouns less frequently in publications

More people are using "they/them" pronouns to signal their gender identity, but writers tend to avoid using "they" to refer to a single person, according to a new study by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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