Supergenes make bizarre traits in plants and animals possible

Within the same species of butterfly many different wing patterns can occur. How is this possible? According to researchers Ben Wielstra and Emma Berdan, of the Institute of Biology Leiden (IBL), the answer lies within supergenes. ...

Correcting an avian aroma error

Evolutionary biologist Danielle Whittaker has a turkey vulture–size bone to pick with John James Audubon, the well-known artist and Audubon Society namesake.

Precopulatory oral sex found in darkling beetles

A team of researchers from China, the U.K. and the U.S. has found that a species of darkling beetles engage in oral sex prior to copulating. In their paper published in the journal Ecology and Evolution, the group describes ...

Sea lion colony in Mexico defies declining numbers

The population of California sea lions is down dramatically due to climate change, but in one natural refuge area off the coast of northwest Mexico, they are doing well and delighting tourists who dare to swim with them.

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