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NASA's Psyche delivers first images and other data

NASA's Psyche spacecraft is on a roll. In the eight weeks since it left Earth on Oct. 13, the orbiter has performed one successful operation after another, powering on scientific instruments, streaming data toward home, and ...

A solar 'radio eclipse' ring of fire

On October 14, as most Californians were treated to a partial solar eclipse, researchers at the Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO) took in a different view.

Parker makes its closest and fastest solar flyby

The Parker Solar Probe is the little engine that just keeps going and going by the sun. On September 27th, it made its 17th close approach and skimmed just 7.26 million kilometers (4.51 million miles) above the sun's "surface" ...

Small-scale magnetism leads to large-scale solar atmosphere

Thanks to close-up images of the sun obtained during Solar Orbiter's perihelion passage of October 2022, solar physicists have seen how fleeting magnetic fields at the solar surface build up into the solar atmosphere.

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