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Why the child tax credit matters

When Congress tasked a group of economists and social scientists in 2015 to study ways to cut child poverty in the U.S. in half, one finding stood out. More than any other policy, a "child allowance" of about $3,000 per year, ...

What helps couples weather financial storms

Experts have predicted that the COVID-19 pandemic will result in the worst financial crisis in the United States since the Great Depression. While the full scope of the financial fallout remains to be seen, furloughs, job ...

Rodents and a rocket carried these researchers' dreams to space

The human body evolved within the constant force of Earth's gravity. To prevent bone and muscle atrophy during their stays in space, astronauts must exercise every day. For researchers studying bone or muscle loss that might ...

Love matters: How parents' love shapes children's lives

Parents often put their own relationship on the back burner to concentrate on their children, but a new study shows that when spouses love each other, children stay in school longer and marry later in life.

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