Viruses as modulators of interactions in marine ecosystems

The Oceans not only host large predators such as sharks or orcas. Even in the realm of the microscopic, some unicellular species consume others. Choanoflagellates belong to these unicellular predators. They are widespread ...

Great Barrier Reef hiding priceless tech treasures

Move over Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg – University of Queensland scientists say the humble sea sponge or snail could unlock technological breakthroughs that might alter the course of human existence.

Super-rare giant sponge discovered in seahorse hotspot

A seahorse survey conducted by Fauna & Flora international (FFI) and its partners in Cambodia's first dedicated marine protected area has served up a spectacular surprise in the shape of a super-sized – and incredibly rare ...

Bengamide antitumor agent displaying antiproliferative potency

Scientists from the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research in Germany have identified a terrestrial myxobacterium as a promising source for the bengamide class of natural products, which were originally thought to be secondary ...

Nyoongar names for newly classified sponges

Two new species of marine sponges, found only in the south-west of Western Australia, have been identified and named in recognition of the Aboriginal peoples who are the traditional owners of the region.

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