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WWF urges end to deadlock on new Antarctic reserves

Members of a multinational group on Antarctic conservation must end a years-long deadlock and agree on new marine reserves in the region as sea-ice shrinks to record lows, the WWF urged Wednesday.

Much still pending on how high seas sanctions will work

A new global treaty on the high seas will enable the creation of sanctuaries deemed vital for the oceans, but many questions remain unanswered. Among them: How can we protect marine areas far from the coast? Where will they ...

Tackling the psychology of poaching

Researchers believe a new approach to policing marine parks, including tackling the psychology of poaching, could yield massive benefits for fish numbers.

Sea stars: The benthic equivalent to the polar bear

A national research group led by researchers at the University of Manitoba has shown that polar bears share the position of top predator of the coastal Arctic marine ecosystem with seastars.

Biodiversity talks in final days with many issues unresolved

Negotiators at a United Nations biodiversity conference Saturday have still not resolved most of the key issues around protecting the world's nature by 2030 and providing tens of billions of dollars to developing countries ...

Congo creates first Marine Protected Areas

The Republic of the Congo has created its first ever Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), supported by a research team including the University of Exeter and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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