Soil tainted by air pollution expels carbon

New UC Riverside research suggests nitrogen released by gas-powered machines causes dry soil to let go of carbon and release it back into the atmosphere, where it can contribute to climate change.

Harnessing the building blocks of polymer recycling

Polymers are lightweight, durable, and easily processed into fabricated parts, features that promoted polymers to become the most relevant class of engineering materials by volume. However, recycling polymers is a challenge ...

Assessing firms' environmental performances

A SMU researcher and her co-researchers have investigated whether, and if so how, foreign environmental standards influence global sourcing decisions.

How holographic interferometry could influence the future

Holographic interferometry is the technique of measuring stress, strain, and vibration with light. It is defined by the wavelength of light, finding flaws in structural bonds. It makes full use of a hologram's ability to ...

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