Spacecrafts get a boost in 'aerogravity assisted' interactions

In a recent paper published in EPJ Special Topics, Jhonathan O. Murcia Piñeros, a post-doctoral researcher at Space Electronics Division, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais, São José dos Campos, Brazil, and his ...

Automating collision avoidance

ESA is preparing to use machine learning to protect satellites from the very real and growing danger of space debris.

Unique study shows how bats manoeuvre

For the first time, researchers have succeeded in directly measuring the aerodynamics of flying animals as they manoeuvre in the air. Previously, the upstroke of the wings was considered relatively insignificant compared ...

Running faster equals disaster

Trading maximum speed for manoeuvrability may be essential to surviving a run-in with a predator, a new study shows.

Indian Mars mission on track, makes first engine burns

India's Mars spacecraft has completed the first of a series of engine firings designed to free it from Earth's gravitational pull and propel it towards the Red Planet, scientists said Friday.

Samsung moves to appease EU on Apple patent fight

South Korea's Samsung has answered accusations by Brussels that the company abused its dominant market position by taking out unfair injunctions against rival Apple, the European Commission said on Friday.

ESA's Cluster satellites in closest-ever 'dance in space'

( —Since 2000, the four identical satellites of the Cluster quartet have been probing Earth's magnetosphere in three dimensions. This week, two of them made their closest-ever approach, just 4 km, enabling valuable ...

Stabilizing aircraft during takeoff and landing using math

One of the lesser known concerns about commercial aircraft is their stability on the ground during taxiing, takeoff, and landing. During these processes, planes must maintain stability under various operating conditions. ...

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Manoeuvres is the second solo album of singer Greg Lake, released in 1983. It features ex-Thin Lizzy member Gary Moore on guitar again. It is Lake's last original studio album on his own to date.

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