Student writing project exposes NYC's illegal ivory trade

In spring 2016, student Wendy Hapgood walked around midtown Manhattan, visiting antique stores advertising mammoth ivory for sale that she found on Google maps. "Mammoth tusk is so interesting," she explained, "A piece of ...

Woolly mammoth skeleton sold at UK auction

The skeleton of an Ice Age woolly mammoth fetched £189,000 ($300,000, 239.000 euros) at auction Wednesday as it went under the hammer in Britain with a host of other rare or extinct species.

Mom, son find wooly mammoth tusks 22 years apart (Update)

A man who was having little luck catching salmon decided to look for fossils over the weekend and found a wooly mammoth tusk in the same Alaska location where his mother found one 22 years ago.

Museum hopes to excavate Seattle mammoth tusk

Paleontologists from the University of Washington hope to move an ice age mammoth tusk uncovered in a Seattle neighborhood to a museum on campus.

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