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3D organoids unlock promising insights into lung cancer in dogs

Veterinary researchers have used organoids—three-dimensional organ-like structures grown from stem cells and tissue samples—to investigate the biological processes of lung cancer in dogs, a disease that is much rarer ...

Bioengineered tool unmasks cancer cells

Cancer cells can evade the body's immune defenses by exploiting a normally helpful and ubiquitous group of molecules known as mucins. Now, Stanford researchers have engineered a biomolecule that removes mucins specifically ...

Air pollution particles trigger cellular defense mechanisms

The link between air pollution and lung disease has long been recognized. Now a new USC study reveals one biological process that may be behind that link—a discovery which could provide new insights on better ways to treat ...

New nanoparticles can perform gene-editing in the lungs

Engineers at MIT and the University of Massachusetts Medical School have designed a new type of nanoparticle that can be administered to the lungs, where it can deliver messenger RNA encoding useful proteins.

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