Cash transfer proposal has downsides for child poverty

A proposal to provide monthly payments to most U.S. parents, similar to those under the pandemic relief program, would likely worsen poverty for children of single mothers, a study has found.

How child poverty leads to a lesser life

Poverty and disadvantage put young Australians on the road to a less fulfilling life and schools could play a critical role in breaking the cycle, a new study led by Flinders University says.

Study: Low-income students increasingly segregated in US schools

Elementary students from low-income families increasingly attend different schools than middle-class peers—a nationwide trend that holds negative consequences for learning among kids who are living in poverty, a new study ...

How to drive energy efficiency in low-income countries

Credit market failures could slow energy efficiency adoption in low-income countries, according to a new research paper titled "Credit, Attention, and Externalities in the Adoption of Energy Efficient Technologies by Low-Income ...

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