Milky Way-like galaxy found in the early universe

Using the James Webb Space Telescope, an international team, including astronomer Alexander de la Vega of the University of California, Riverside, has discovered the most distant barred spiral galaxy similar to the Milky ...

Galaxy triplet SIT 45 inspected in detail

An international team of astronomers has performed multiwavelength photometric observations of a galaxy triplet known as SIT 45. Results of the study, published September 26 on, provide important information regarding ...

Supermassive black holes put a brake on stellar births

Black holes with masses equivalent to millions of suns do put a brake on the birth of new stars, say astronomers. Using machine learning and three state-of-the-art simulations to back up results from a large sky survey, researchers ...

A dark stream sheds new light on the life of galaxies

An international team of scientists led by a University of Sydney astrophysicist has discovered evidence the Andromeda galaxy is a cannibal growing through colossal intermittent feasts.

NASA's Chandra finds galaxy cluster collision on a 'WHIM'

Astronomers taking inventory of the material in the local universe keep coming up short. A new result from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory about a system of colliding galaxy clusters may help explain this shortfall.

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