What is foot and mouth disease?

Foot and mouth disease—usually referred to by its acronym FMD—is the most feared livestock disease in the world. It can cripple the livestock sector, cause immense animal suffering, destroy farmer businesses, create food ...

Dutch cow farmers face tough climate choices

In the flat expanse of the Dutch countryside, Corne de Rooij nostalgically strokes the muzzles of his calves, wondering how long he will be able to keep them.

Danish researchers develop budget optical ammonia sensor

In collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the Department of Engineering at Aarhus University has developed photonic sensor technology that can pave the way for a portable, reliable and, above all, inexpensive ...

The time to act towards globally sustainable livestock is now

The livestock sector is developing rapidly in low and middle-income countries, becoming increasingly global. In the same time, society's expectations regarding the sector are changing rapidly. We therefore need to develop ...

Emissions set to soar as love of steak takes off in Asia

Climate change is the last thing on Maya Puspita Sari's mind as she tucks into a steak and splurges on ice cream, products that were once a luxury but are now a growing staple in the diets of millions of Indonesians.

Cereal output to hit record level in 2013

World cereal production is set to reach new record levels in 2013, an increase of around 7.0 percentage points compared to last year, the UN food agency said Thursday.

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