Using viscous metals in micro fibers

EPFL scientists have developed the first micro-structured fibers with a viscous metal insideā€”a perfect example of what cross-disciplinary teamwork can achieve.

Estimating bisphenol exposures in the Australian population

Once found in bottles, food containers, cash register receipts and electronics, bisphenol A (BPA) has been phased out of many products because of health concerns and government regulations. As a result, the production and ...

New method determines planetary regolith thermal conductivity

A new analytic model for calculating the effective thermal conductivity of planetary regolith allows scientists to better understand the connections between the physical and thermal properties of planetary surfaces and the ...

Controlling streams of liquid metal at room temperature

Researchers from North Carolina State University have demonstrated a technique that allows them to produce streams of liquid metal at room temperature. By applying a low voltage to the liquid metal, the researchers were able ...

Diving into the structure of molten salts in tight spaces

Room temperature ionic liquids (ILs), a special class of molten salts, promise far greater electrochemical performance compared to conventional aqueous solutions due to a suite of novel and tunable properties. Over the past ...

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Liquid is one of the principal states of matter. A liquid is a fluid that has the particles loose and can freely form a distinct surface at the boundaries of its bulk material. The surface is a free surface where the liquid is not constrained by a container.

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