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Video: Ariane 6 passes tests in preparation for first flight

Europe's next rocket, Ariane 6, passed all its qualification tests in preparation for its first flight, and the full-scale test model has been removed from the launch pad to make way for the real rocket that will ascend to ...

Commercial US spaceship hours from attempted Moon landing

A Houston-based company is set Thursday to land America's first spaceship on the Moon in more than 50 years, part of a new fleet of NASA-funded, uncrewed, commercial robots meant to pave the way for astronaut missions this ...

Now we know why Starship's second flight test failed

SpaceX is often in the headlines; unfortunately, it is not always good news. On 18 November we saw the second of the Starship and SuperHeavy booster get off the launchpad successfully; it failed before reaching orbit. In ...

Blue Origin returns to space after year-long hiatus

Blue Origin launched its first rocket in more than a year on Tuesday, reviving the US company's fortunes with a successful return to space following an uncrewed crash in 2022.

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