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Liquefaction: When terra firma turns to mush

Survivors of the enormous 7.5-magnitude earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia that killed 1,234 people have given harrowing testimony of how the ground beneath their feet seemed to churn and suddenly rise up—swallowing ...

dateOct 02, 2018 in Environment
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Lignin waste modified for industrial bio-oil use

Lignin, a waste product in biomass and ethanol production, now finds new value as bio-oil in new products. At the University of Borås, Sweden, a team of researchers has investigated methods to extract and refine lignin for ...

dateSep 11, 2017 in Biotechnology
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Liquefaction of seabed no longer a mystery

The primary aim of the book is to describe liquefaction processes and their implications for marine structures such as marine pipelines, sea outfalls, quay walls, caisson structures, large individual blocks, sea mines, etc. ...

dateApr 29, 2014 in Earth Sciences
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