India's private space sector skyrockets

When Indian entrepreneur Awais Ahmed founded his satellite startup in Bangalore in 2019, his country was still a year away from opening the space industry to the private sector.

Q&A: Searching for life where it shouldn't exist

A team of Penn State scientists is working to solve one of the world's greatest unsolved mysteries: how life originated on Earth—and how it might have evolved on other planets.

How Europe's forests regenerate—without any human interference

Yannek Käber, a doctoral student in the Professorship of Forest Ecology at ETH Zurich, and his colleagues from ETH and WSL together with the European Forest Research Initiative (EuFoRIa), have taken a look at regeneration ...

Running wild: stray dogs threaten rare Balkan lynx

For years, the Balkan lynx has struggled to survive as deforestation destroyed its habitat and poachers targeted the elusive mountain cat along with the animals it relies on for food.

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