When the light is neither 'on' nor 'off' in the nanoworld

Whether the light in our living spaces is on or off can be regulated in everyday life simply by reaching for the light switch. However, when the space for the light is shrunk to a few nanometers, quantum mechanical effects ...

Unprecedented videos show RNA switching 'on' and 'off'

Similar to a light switch, RNA switches (called riboswitches) determine which genes turn "on" and "off." Although this may seem like a simple process, the inner workings of these switches have confounded biologists for decades.

New proteins enable scientists to control cell activities

Sailan Shui, a doctoral assistant at EPFL's Laboratory of Protein Design and Immunoengineering, enjoys playing with proteins, activating and deactivating them as she wishes, as if light switches that can be turned on and ...

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