Entropy could be key to a planet's habitability

We all know that to have life on a world, you need three critical items: water, warmth, and food. Now add to that a factor called "entropy." It plays a role in determining if a given planet can sustain and grow complex life.

Extreme habitats: Microbial life in Old Faithful Geyser

An eruption of Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park is a sight to behold. Indeed, millions of tourists flock to the park each year to see it. Hot water and steam are ejected in the air to a height of 100–180 ...

The medicine of the future could be artificial life forms

Creating artificial life is a recurring theme in both science and popular literature, where it conjures images of creeping slime creatures with malevolent intentions, or super-cute designer pets. At the same time, the question ...

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