Leaders appeal for 'urgent action' on environment

World leaders gathered in Kenya on Thursday to lend political muscle to UN environment talks, calling for "urgent action" to slow the destruction of natural habitats and accelerate funding for green development.

Can the FBI force a company to break into its own products?

Can the FBI force a company like Apple to extract data from a customer's smartphone? In the fight over an iPhone used by an extremist killer in San Bernardino, some legal experts say Congress has never explicitly granted ...

Hidden GPS devices to track suspects raise legal concerns

For months, police trying to solve a Long Island robbery spree had little more to go on than grainy surveillance footage of a man in a hoodie and black ski mask holding up one gas station or convenience store after another.

Some Obama spy changes hampered by complications

Legal experts warn that several of the key surveillance reforms pushed by President Barack Obama face complications that could muddy the proposals' authority, slow their momentum in Congress and saddle the government with ...

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