A self-powered sensor made from plants

The story of Qi Chen's research is full of serendipity. In the first year of her Ph.D., she was hanging out with friends at the University's Zernike campus, discussing the topics of their research. Chen told them she was ...

New research explains 'Atlantification' of the Arctic Ocean

New research by an international team of scientists explains what's behind a stalled trend in Arctic Ocean sea ice loss since 2007. The findings indicate that stronger declines in sea ice will occur when an atmospheric feature ...

Making big leaps in understanding nanoscale gaps

Creating novel materials by combining layers with unique, beneficial properties seems like a fairly intuitive process—stack up the materials and stack up the benefits. This isn't always the case, however. Not every material ...

Nanoscale material offers new way to control fire

High-temperature flames are used to create a wide variety of materials—but once you start a fire, it can be difficult to control how the flame interacts with the material you are trying to process. Researchers have now ...

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