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Chasms on the flanks of a Martian volcano

Mars has some of the most impressive volcanoes in the solar system. ESA's Mars Express has now imaged the pitted, fissured flank of the planet's second-tallest: Ascraeus Mons.

Venus: Proof of active volcanoes—at last

Venus is almost the same size, mass and density as Earth. So it should be generating heat in its interior (by the decay of radioactive elements) at much the same rate as the Earth does. On Earth, one of the main ways in which ...

Scientists offer evidence that Venus is volcanically active

Venus appears to have volcanic activity, according to a new research paper that offers strong evidence to answer the lingering question about whether Earth's sister planet currently has eruptions and lava flows.

Mauna Loa lava no longer imminent threat to Hawaii highway

Lava from the world's largest volcano is no longer an imminent threat to the main highway across the Big Island of Hawaii, scientists said Thursday, a development that was a welcome reprieve for motorists who depend on the ...

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