Understanding climate tipping points

As the planet warms, many parts of the Earth system are undergoing large-scale changes. Ice sheets are shrinking, sea levels are rising and coral reefs are dying off.

Study: Scientists carry greater credibility than spiritual gurus

What influence does the source of information have on its credibility? Scientists have more authority than spiritual sources, both among religious and non-religious people. This is apparent from a large-scale experiment conducted ...

Iconic flower's genetic puzzle revealed

Scientists led by UNSW have pieced together the complex genetic puzzle of the floral emblem of New South Wales, the iconic Australian waratah.

Fossil leaves may reveal climate in last era of dinosaurs

Richard Barclay opens a metal drawer in archives of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum containing fossils that are nearly 100 million years old. Despite their age, these rocks aren't fragile. The geologist and botanist ...

First simulation of a full-sized mitochondrial membrane

Scientists from the University of Groningen have developed a method that combines different resolution levels in a computer simulation of biological membranes. Their algorithm backmaps a large-scale model that includes features ...

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