Turning mixed plastic into useful chemicals

Almost 80% of plastic in the waste stream ends up in landfills or accumulates in the environment. Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists have developed a technology that converts a conventionally unrecyclable mixture of ...

Trash fire 'emergency' chokes locals on Indonesia's Java

A days-long fire at a landfill in Indonesia's most populous province has been declared an emergency by local authorities as thick and putrid smoke from the blaze chokes nearby residents, officials said Friday.

Digging into the benefits of landfill mining

Research in the International Journal of Environmental Engineering reveals details of the first successful, large-scale landfill mining project in Andalusia, Spain.

Singapore races to save 'Garbage of Eden'

Visitors to the island hosting Singapore's only landfill might expect foul odors and swarms of flies, but instead they are greeted with stunning views of blue waters, lush greenery and wildlife.

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A landfill site (also known as tip, dump or rubbish dump and historically as a midden), is a site for the disposal of waste materials by burial and is the oldest form of waste treatment. Historically, landfills have been the most common methods of organized waste disposal and remain so in many places around the world.

Landfills may include internal waste disposal sites (where a producer of waste carries out their own waste disposal at the place of production) as well as sites used by many producers. Many landfills are also used for waste management purposes, such as the temporary storage, consolidation and transfer, or processing of waste material (sorting, treatment, or recycling).

A landfill also may refer to ground that has been filled in with rocks instead of waste materials, so that it can be used for a specific purpose, such as for building houses. Unless they are stabilized, these areas may experience severe shaking or liquefaction of the ground in a large earthquake.

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