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Climate change may not expand drylands

Does a warmer climate mean more dry land? For years, researchers projected that drylands—including deserts, savannas and shrublands—will expand as the planet warms, but new research from the Harvard John A. Paulson School ...

Going to Earth's core for climate insights

( -- The latest evidence of the dominant role humans play in changing Earth's climate comes not from observations of Earth's ocean, atmosphere or land surface, but from deep within its molten core.

The pulse of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is shrinking. There are many reasons for this: climate change is a contributing factor, as is human overuse of water as a resource. The sinking water level has a number of dangerous consequences. For example, ...

Air quality improved during India lockdown, study shows

Research by scientists from University of Southampton (UK) and the Central University of Jharkhand (India) has shown the first COVID-19 lockdown in India led to an improvement in air quality and a reduction in land surface ...

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