Trashed farmland could be a conservation treasure

Low-productivity agricultural land could be transformed into millions of hectares of conservation reserve across the world, according to University of Queensland-led research.

Study shows current laws don't prevent Sub-Saharan 'land grabbing'

( —Sub-Saharan Africa has foreign investors flocking to buy its fertile land. Sometimes referred to as "land grabbing," the large-scale buying or leasing of large tracts of land in developing countries shifts indigenous, ...

Companies not buying enough 'green' palm oil: WWF

Major retailers and manufacturers are not doing enough to honour commitments to use sustainable palm oil to help protect virgin rainforests from destruction, WWF said on Tuesday.

Global priority regions for carnivore conservation

Finding economical and practical solutions for conserving endangered carnivores is a continuous challenge for conservationists. In a study published by the peer reviewed open access journal, PLoS ONE, on August 27th, a team ...