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Sound bullets in water

Sound waves are commonly used in applications ranging from ultrasound imaging to hyperthermia therapy, in which high temperatures are induced, for example, in tumors to destroy them. In 2010, researchers at Caltech led by ...

Popping Bubbles Hold Promise in Cellular Drug Injection

( -- A new technique that harnesses the power of mighty microscopic bubbles, developed by Duke engineers, can open for a blink of the eye nanometer-sized entries into individual cells.

Harnessing sound for health

When a person develops a kidney stone or a gall stone—hard accumulations of minerals and other compounds created by the body—they can experience a great deal of pain and discomfort. In more advanced cases, these stones ...

Does zinc inhibit or promote growth of kidney stones? Well, both

A funny thing happened on the way to discovering how zinc impacts kidney stones—two different theories emerged, each contradicting the other. One: Zinc stops the growth of the calcium oxalate crystals that make up the stones; ...

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