What is karst, and why should we care about it?

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) has made a habit of bucking the trend by working to safeguard neglected landscapes that are not necessarily a priority for other conservation organizations. Arguably one of the least familiar ...

Caves face new unknown after unprecedented bushfires

Caves are easily forgotten when fire rips through the bush, but despite their robustness the long-term impact of frequent, unprecedented fire seasons presents a new challenge for subsurface geology.

Global database for Karst spring discharges

When carbonate rocks weather, karst landscapes are formed. The groundwater reserves in these layers of earth currently supply 10 to 20 percent of the world population with drinking water. So far, however, researchers have ...

How can we reduce the environmental cost of cement?

Look around you and you will likely see cement in use. That is, unless you are reading this on a mobile device out in an entirely natural landscape – in which case, stop and enjoy your surroundings!