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Gigantic Jurassic pterosaur fossil unearthed in Oxfordshire, UK

A team of paleontologists has discovered a fossil of a gigantic flying reptile from the Jurassic period with an estimated wingspan of more than three meters—making it one of the largest pterosaurs ever found from that era.

Five things you probably have wrong about the T rex

An icon from the age of dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex has featured in everything from blockbuster movies to the shape of chicken nuggets. As a creature to be feared for its bone-crushing bite or ridiculed for its inability ...

Neuroptera: Greater insect diversity in the Cretaceous period

Human activity is currently driving a loss of natural diversity that some experts describe as the sixth major mass extinction event in the history of the Earth. The decline in insects is particularly alarming: Insects are ...

Dinosaur teeth reveal what they didn't eat

Scratches on dinosaur teeth could reveal what they really ate. For the first time, dental microwear texture analysis (DMTA) has been used to infer the feeding habits of large theropods, including Allosaurus and T. rex.

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