Origin of domesticated chicken identified

A very large international team of researchers has identified the origin of the domesticated chicken. In their paper published in the journal Cell Research, the group outlines the extensive genetic study they conducted and ...

Frost risk predicts leaf size worldwide

Why is a banana leaf a million times bigger than a common heather leaf? And why are leaves generally much larger in tropical jungles than in temperate forests and deserts?

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A Jungle (Sanskrit: जंगल) is an area of land in the tropics overgrown with dense vegetation.

The word jungle originates from the Sanskrit word jangala (जंगल) which referred to uncultivated land. Although the Sanskrit word refers to "dry land", it has been suggested that an Anglo-Indian interpretation led to its connotation as a dense "tangled thicket". while others have argued that a cognate word in Urdu did refer to forests. The term is prevalent in many languages of South Asia, and Iranian plateau, particularly in Bangla, Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Punjabi and Persian.

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