Cow-a-bella -- making eco-friendly diesel fuel from butter

The search for new raw materials for making biodiesel fuel has led scientists to an unlikely farm product — butter. In a new study in ACS' bi-weekly Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, they report that butter could ...

Gold nanoparticles create visible-light catalysis in nanowires

( -- A scientist at the Argonne National Laboratory has created visible-light catalysis, using silver chloride nanowires decorated with gold nanoparticles, that may decompose organic molecules in polluted water.

Assessing antibiotic breakdown in manure

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientist Scott Yates is studying how oxytetracycline (OTC), an antibiotic that is administered to animals, breaks down in cattle manure.

Microswimmers" make a big splash for improved drug delivery

They may never pose a challenge to Olympic superstar Michael Phelps, but the "microswimmers" developed by researchers in Spain and the United Kingdom could break a long-standing barrier to improving delivery of medications ...

Journal of Materials Chemistry

Journal of Materials Chemistry is a peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing original (primary) research and review articles on the applications, properties and synthesis of exciting new materials. Journal of Materials Chemistry is published weekly by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The editor of Journal of Materials Chemistry is Dr Carol Stanier and the present chairman of the Editorial Board is George Malliaras, Associate Professor at Cornell University, USA. The Editorial Board comprises leading international scientists who meet regularly to discuss all scientific matters concerned with the Journal; in particular the standards necessary for the acceptance of papers for publication, the standards of refereeing, and ways and means of acquiring suitable papers for publication.

Journal of Materials Chemistry has an impact factor of 4.339.

Significant and newsworthy articles appearing in Journal of Materials Chemistry are also featured in the RSC supplements Chemical Science, Chemical Technology and Chemical Biology. Journal of Materials Chemistry hosts the two RSC publications, Chemical Technology and Chemical Science.

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