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Figuring out how to make tastier wines using fewer pesticides

Wine-making is steeped in age-old traditions, but to address the threat of pests and concerns over heavy pesticide use, vintners are turning to science. With the goal of designing better grape breeds, scientists are parsing ...

Wine-making shortcut gives bubbly a fruitier aroma

The best sparkling wines take months to ferment to perfection. In recent years, many winemakers have turned to commercial yeast products to give this process a boost. How they ultimately affect bubbly has been an open question, ...

How used coffee grounds could make some food more healthful

Coffee has gone from dietary foe to friend in recent years, partly due to the revelation that it's rich in antioxidants. Now even spent coffee-grounds are gaining attention for being chock-full of these compounds, which have ...

Kimchi-based preservative used in cosmetics is not so natural

Some consumer groups concerned about the safety of synthetic preservatives such as parabens have pushed for natural alternatives. Industry has responded with a slew of options, including preservatives from kimchi, a popular ...

Oat breakfast cereals may contain a common mold-related toxin

Oats are often touted for boosting heart health, but scientists warn that the grain and its products might need closer monitoring for potential mold contamination. They report in ACS' Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry ...

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Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, published since 1950 by the American Chemical Society'[citation needed]. JAFC is currently indexed in: CAS, SCOPUS, Proquest, British Library, PubMed, CABI, Ovid, Web of Science, and Swetswise.

The current Editor-in-Chief is Professor James N. Seiber.

Indexed in Agriculture, Applied Chemistry and Food Science and Technology categories, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry holds a total of 45,286 citations, and an Impact Factor of 2.532, with 1,530 articles published as reported by the 2007 Journal Citation Reports by Thomson Reuters.

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