Why are young adults having less casual sex?

Casual sex is on the decline for both young men and women, according to a Rutgers University-New Brunswick study that found less alcohol consumption among both genders is a major reason, while playing video games and living ...

Virtual conference CO2 emissions quantified in new study

The virtual conferencing that has replaced large, in-person gatherings in the age of COVID-19 represents a drastic reduction in carbon emissions, but those online meetings still come with their own environmental costs, new ...

Once cyber grooming starts, the first five days are critical

Cybercriminal phenomena seem to have caught society and authorities unprepared and off guard. As a quick response to explain the phenomena, research has tried to transfer existing theories and solutions about crime and deviant ...

AIM, aka AOL Instant Messenger, dead at 20

AOL's Instant Messenger service was finally erased from the internet Friday after the company made the announcement in October that Dec. 15 would be the chat platform's last day on Earth.

Thai reform body suggests tight regulations on social media

A policy-writing body advising Thailand's military government has suggested imposing stringent restrictions on internet usage, intended in part to identify the posters of all content on services such as Facebook and YouTube.

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