Seeds of change for Dijon mustard amid shortage

France's favorite condiment, Dijon mustard, is hard to find these days, with signs on supermarket shelves warning the lucky few who spot jars that they can only take one home.

Plant-nibbling insects may make it cloudier and cooler

Plants can release certain chemicals to shield themselves from high temperatures and potentially communicate with other plants. They also release these chemicals in response to stress, including when insects chomp on their ...

Drought affects aspen survival decades later, new study finds

Drought—even in a single year—can leave aspen more vulnerable to insect infestation and other stressors decades later, a new study by NAU researchers found. Aspen trees that were not resilient to drought stayed smaller ...

Poland EU row over ancient forest heats up

Poland is ready to take a dispute with the European Union over logging in an ancient forest to the bloc's highest court, Environment Minister Jan Szyszko said Friday.

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