Dead dolphins, diseased seals wash up on US shores

Over the past two months, dozens of dead dolphins have washed ashore in Florida and hundreds of diseased seals have died in the northeastern United States, officials said Friday.

Real-time foot-and-mouth strategy to better fight disease

Future outbreaks of foot-and-mouth (FMD) disease can be combatted quickly and efficiently from early on—when authorities have minimal information—thanks to a new real-time strategy, developed by researchers at the University ...

Preprints accelerated between Ebola and Zika epidemics

Preprints—scientific manuscripts that are posted at a recognized online repository before peer review—have the potential to speed up the reporting of scientific research in infectious disease outbreaks, argue Michael ...

Managing disease spread through accessible modeling

A new computer modeling study from Los Alamos National Laboratory is aimed at making epidemiological models more accessible and useful for public-health collaborators and improving disease-related decision making.

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