Layered '2-D nanocrystals' promising new semiconductor

( —Researchers are developing a new type of semiconductor technology for future computers and electronics based on "two-dimensional nanocrystals" layered in sheets less than a nanometer thick that could replace ...

Shining a light on the elusive 'blackbody' of energy research

A designer metamaterial has shown it can engineer emitted "blackbody" radiation with an efficiency beyond the natural limits imposed by the material's temperature, a team of researchers led by Boston College physicist Willie ...

Scientists improve chip memory by stacking cells

( -- Scientists at Arizona State University have developed an elegant method for significantly improving the memory capacity of electronic chips.

Germany wants a million electric cars by 2020

The German government unveiled plans Wednesday to get one million electric cars zipping around the country by 2020, offering sweeteners to jump-start national giants like BMW and Volkswagen into action.

AI can read! Tech firms race to smarten up thinking machines

Seven years ago, a computer beat two human quizmasters on a "Jeopardy" challenge. Ever since, the tech industry has been training its machines to make them even better at amassing knowledge and answering questions.

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