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Why the stinky durian really is the 'king of all fruits'

There's little else in the food world that brings about as much social turbulence as the durian. This so-called "king of all fruits" is considered a delicacy across its native Southeast Asia, where durian season is currently ...

Genetics reveal ancient trade routes of Four Corners potato

A new study shows that a native potato species was brought to southern Utah by Indigenous people in the distant past, making it a candidate for the only culturally significant plant species to have been domesticated in the ...

Plant research could pave the way for growing crops with seawater

Budding new plant biology research is paving the potential to produce food crops that not only survive but thrive in salty conditions. With salt estimated to affect up to 30% of arable land worldwide—jeopardizing the survival ...

Illegal gold mining eats into Peruvian Amazon

On the banks of the Madre de Dios river, dredges work day and night in search of gold, part of a scourge of illegal mining that is slowly devouring the Peruvian Amazon.

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