Deadly brain disease found in two California deer

State officials have reported the presence of deadly chronic wasting disease in two wild California deer. This is the first time the disease, which has plagued other areas of the nation for years, has appeared in the state's ...

Detection of a new state in the protein folding process

Scientists have discovered a new, intermediate state in the process of protein folding, showing folding can occur in two stages, one fast and the next found to be much slower. The findings are published in the journal Physical ...

Warming beaches threaten Yemen sea turtles' future

On a Yemeni beach, a sea turtle clambers ashore to lay eggs, which will likely be born female due to rising temperatures, creating a gender imbalance that brings the threat of local extinction.

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The word incubation and similar (from the Latin incubare, "to lie upon") may refer to:

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